The woodlots of Southern Ontario are an asset which could contribute much more to the income of their owners than they do at present.
In view of the ever increasing importance of timber and dwindling supplies of quality material needed by our wood using industries, these highly accessible but individually small sources of supply assume more significance than ever before.
Due to the long-term nature of growing timber crops, the sustained interest is rarely passed on from owner to owner.
Landowners need to manage their woodlots to best serve their own interest.

From the thousands of seedlings per hectare in a hardwood woodlot, only one or two hundred should be retained as crop rotation.
Selection of crop trees and removal of undesirables is the main objective in marking a woodlot for cutting.
In deciding what trees should be left to grow, consideration should be given to species, form, vigour and available growing space.
The species of tree to be favoured will vary from woodlot to woodlot as with local growing conditions and current market.

In addition to the relative value of any species of tree, many factors must be considered.
Sound woodlot improvement means taking a woodlot in its present condition, marking and thinning to improve quality of the next crop.

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